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Scott W. Hartman has successfully led over 400 sell side mandates representing owners of businesses across the USA. In his operations experience as a business owner himself he is a revenue rainmaker, as well as an operations, capital raising, and strategic planning expert. He possesses decades of C Suite and board room experience. In short, he can help your company create value for all stakeholders. Throughout his career, Scott has held acted as CEO, COO or EVP of Sales and Marketing and/or Board member and/or Chairman of the Board, and has substantially augmented revenue and multiplied cash flow of numerous businesses resulting in superior shareholder value creation. He has also led and executed over 20 (40 total including add-on acquisitions) full cycle investments in a variety of industries (including but not limited to Business Service, Manufacturing, IT, Consumer, Financial Services). Additionally, he has amassed a nationwide transaction sourcing network made up of business professionals, corporations, business owners, buy-side advisors, boutique investment bankers and business brokers. To date, Scott W. Hartman has successfully helped to raise more than $1 billion in capital for working capital for operating businesses, M&A, and LP interests. He has integrated and established strong rapport with more than 800 equity and debt sources, which included family offices, high-net-worth individuals, public and private pension plans, and Fortune 1000 financial institutions. Scott specializes in cross functional leadership, sales management, strategic planning, team building, operations management, P&L management, capital raising, transaction Sourcing and closing, and financial analysis.


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