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Leslie R. Katz is an attorney, former elected official, and former technology company executive. Leslie brings extensive legal experience coupled with political and community relations acumen. She is a seasoned attorney practicing in the areas of regulatory and corporate law, with an emphasis on emerging technologies, blockchain, FinTech, cybersecurity, energy and the newly developing areas of AI and Metaverse law. Her commitment to staying ahead of the curve with the latest legal and regulatory developments, as well as her passion for innovation and technology, make her a leader in the field.

Leslie’s unique combination of legal and political acumen allows her to provide clients with practical and strategic counsel, helping them to navigate complex business and policy issues, minimize legal risk and maximize opportunities in the modern physical and digital worlds. Her background as an attorney and executive with a Fortune 250 energy company, as well as her experience with an environmental commodities startup and other emerging technology companies, gives her invaluable corporate and legal skills. Leslie is well-versed in advising clients on growth, compliance, funding, and external relations, and community affairs, making her a valuable resource for clients looking to address a multitude of challenges. She has represented Fortune 100 companies, startups, investment funds and regulated entities.

As a former elected official, Leslie also brings a wealth of political and community relations experience to her practice. Her ability to navigate complex political landscapes and build strong relationships with key stakeholders makes her a valuable asset for clients looking for expert legal counsel in the public arena. Leslie’s commitment to providing high-quality legal services make her a trusted advisor to clients looking to succeed in the ever-changing legal, political, and technological landscapes.


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