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Kevin J. White, works as a consultant and designer of tax strategies with corporations, high net-worth/high income individuals & business owners. Mr. White works exclusively through referrals from tax attorneys, financial planners, Certified Public Accountants and insurance agents as well as clients.

Mr. White began working with structural and charitable planning for estates in 1989. He has spent the last 20 years working in all areas of estate tax planning, income tax planning, business succession and asset protection planning and now focuses on larger estate and tax issues. In his home state of New York, from 1989 thru 2001, he taught hundreds of educational seminars to CPAs and Attorneys on the use of Family Limited Partnerships and trusts in Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Income Tax Planning and Charitable Giving. His company, the Estate Planning Network, LLC, specializes in these fields.

Kevin White has also been involved in the investment business since 1984. His financial company, White Financial, functioned as a stock and investment advisory firm until December 2004. White Financial now focuses primarily on estate tax design and functions as an underwriting support firm for life insurance sales and estate planning design.

Specialties: After co-founding Catalyst Charitable Funding in 2008, Kevin resides in Madison, MS. He helped developed Catalyst Charitable Funding as a way of marketing the various programs they promote to benefit charities.


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