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With more than 40 years of working in an array of financial services businesses founded, built and chaired, today's work as a Wealth Strategist for and with clients and advisors across the country bears a focus on a routinized process. Drawing from four decades of utilizing core insurance strategies, we deploy processes developed through considered experience. Such innovative processes align with how and why we filed for our first patent in our Intellectual Property with the US Patent & Trademark office 25 years ago. We do not offer pre-packaged financial services. Rather, we interview clients and assess whether we can deliver what they determine to be value. From clients' core values, we then develop a plan built especially for and around each client's unique objectives and situation. Our work begins with Discovery, an approach to planning which I have honed for nearly four decades, a completely client-focused communication process. Our protocol of facilitating clear articulation of each client's life values and financial goals coinciding with an assessment of existing planning and considering all of this in the context of the client's stated and unstated objectives today. From this point, clear gaps and/or inconsistencies emerge in the mosaic of planning. We are then engaged to solve these issues and do so under a protocol to avoid disruption of current advisors and working elements of a client's financial structure. Each engagement is unique, but all have the identical goal that - after the Discovery and subsequent Re-imagination phases are complete - we operate with clients from their newly focused paradigm that drive a living and ever-evolving financial plan, focused solely on their core values, removing strategies and structures that have outlived usefulness and/or client focus today.


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