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The first ever Institutional Indexed Funding Agreement

(IIFA™) built for the credit union marketplace

We started with “Why”

Institutions, regardless of their scale or complexity, possess distinctly different appetites compared to the individual retail market, particularly within a highly scrutinized and tightly regulated environment. While certain retail-focused products may offer enticing features, most are unnecessary, very costly and are simply not needed in the institutional marketplace. However, every now and again, these two worlds intersect, and what comes next sometimes becomes a generational product for the ages.

Why the Credit Union space?

Credit Unions provide a much-needed service to their members and communities, and in particular, communities that are traditionally underserved from a banking standpoint. With the intent of perpetuating and protecting these invaluable services offered, the NCUA has created a regulatory framework, under NCUA Section 703, that limits the available options for investing your balance sheet. Every credit union would like the opportunity to gain more alpha, but more potential alpha usually means… allocating into risky assets.

A simple but elegant solution

Advisors Equity Group, understanding the challenges faced by Credit Unions, created the first ever Institutional Indexed Funding Agreement (IIFA). By Partnering with a175 year old, A+ mutual insurance company, we’re bringing this truly unique product to the Credit Union space.

This product solves the dilemma credit unions face every day between safeguarding their investments against drawdown, while still proving the opportunity to maximize alpha. At its core, the IIFA provides the potential for market-like returns with a full guarantee of principal, giving you the best of both worlds.


Not a commissionable Product: No unnecessary product drag.

Transparency: Clear formulaic return calculations.

Enhanced Counter-Party Strength: Life of the Southwest and parent company National Life Group (NLG) are rated A+ (A.M. Best)/A1 (Moody’s), 175-year-old insurance company with $47B of admitted assets, $3.7B of capital and surplus and has a Risk-Based Capital (RBC) ratio in excess of 400%.

Asymmetrical return profile: Uncapped participation in positive equity market with 100% principal protection.

Varied index and duration options: Domestic and global indexes available, each with multiple crediting terms available.

Guaranteed participation rate renewal: Participation rates are guaranteed for the length of each contract, regardless of the crediting options selected.

Strong multi-year fixed rate options: Fully guaranteed for the duration of each contract.

No mark-to-market: Credit unions are viewing this product as a stable-value bond replacement on their balance sheet.

NCUA 701.19

The NCUA created regulation 701.19 as a means for credit unions to compliantly seek greater alpha on their investments, with the caveat that they use earnings to fund or offset a wide range of employee benefits. The AEG Institutional Indexed Funding Agreement allows credit unions to take advantage of NCUA Regulation 701.19, without incurring any additional balance sheet risk in the process.


Let's Chat

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If you’d like to schedule a call/virtual meeting to discuss in more detail:

Matthew Peakes

AEG, Director of Institutional Markets

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CLICK HERE for more information on IIFA,  visit our public facing web portal which includes additional information on the product, National Life Group, and Advisors Equity Group, as well as the most current downloadable product tear sheet.

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